Mozog, Ranger


Height: 2’5" Weight: 57lbs

Rank/XP: Vet/53
Race: Goblin

Agility: D8
Smarts: D8
Spirit: D6
Strength: D4
Vigor: D6

Pace: 6 in.
Parry: 7
Toughness: 5

Resource: D8

Alchemy D8
Healing D6
Knowledge: Dark Creature D6
Knowledge: Magic D8
Throwing D6
Shooting D6
Fighting D8
Stealth D8
Notice D4
Tracking D6
Streetwise D6
Persuasion D4

Racial Hind/Edge – Dextrous, Keen Sense of Smell, Outsider, size -1, Small & evasive, Socially Inept, Tenacious(Hardy), Thermal vision, Thin-Limbed

Alchemist, Education, Clever Nit, Jack-of-all-Trades, VN: Fast Learner, Speedy Nit, Nimble Nit, Elixirian

Small, Loyal , Stubborn, Quirk (Laughs maniacally when under strong emotional effects/times), Outsider

Environmental Protection, Boost Trait, Armor, Heal,Warrior’s Gift

05: Clever Nit
10: Jack of all Trades
15: Bought Persuasion d4
20: Nimble Nit
25: Versatile Nit – Fast Learner
30: Speedy Nit
35: Fast Learner:Up to Speed! – Knowledge: Magic ^D8, Knowledge:Dark ^D6, Streetwise ^D6

40: Elixirian
45: New Formulae: Warrior’s Gift
50: Power Points

Club [Str+d4], has marks cut in every inch.
Sling [Str+d4], 4/8/16
Week of Rations, Waterskin, Backpack, Bedroll, Flint&Steel
Studded Leather [+2 Armor, -2 Coverage, light enough]
Potions: Empty potion bottle x3, Healing w/ Restorative Trapping (Raise) x1, Healing w/ Rest.Trap. x1 volatile mass known as a sack of poppers (15 Thunderbolt, 15 Stinger)

Lent Murvoth 2x healing potions, Roark 1x

Defining Interests:
Math, Medicine, Herbalism, Alchemical reactions
Area knowledge :Slatespirit +1

Goblinesh, Galean, Dwarven, Nazatir


The Blacksmith in Craig that made Murvoth’s armor never wants to see me again.
Started goodwill trips with Gerhart

The cause for his stunted growth is unknown, but widely speculated on. Most goblins say that it is an uncommon happenstance, the orcs of his gather say he is simple not assertive enough, while some of the more… eccentric ogres claim it is divine punishment. He has dealt with human laughter, the disgust of the pointy ears, and … pity from a dwarf was the (second) most heart wrenching experience ever.

He doesn’t let his diminutive stature get him down (both literally and emotionally ). Since his body was lacking, he trained to what extent he could muster physically, before striving to enlarge his mental capacity. Creating things with simply his hands and intellect as a child filled him with a large sense of accomplishment and belonging.

As a child, items of dwarven make always fascinated him. When a wandering tinker traveled through, he was aplomb with unbridled glee. So when he hit the age of training in a trade, no goblinesh can really say they were surprised when the little goblin announced he would be traveling with the monthly trade caravan to the closest dwarven center of commerce.

It was here he sought to find someone willing to take up a young, intellectual apprentice. Instead, he met scorn by a select few, and pity by the rest. He was too small, they said, his arms too thin and weak. They feared he would hurt himself, or even others. They gave him consolation, suggesting alternatives. While keeping the suggestions in mind, he traveled home full of remorse.

Upon arrival, he was summoned to a council of elders, who wished to learn of his experience. He told his story, and begged for their guidance on the matter. He was open to other paths, even if regrettably. After a night of debate and rest, one of the elders led him to the outskirts of the gather, to a dingy stone building that looked like it was fighting a losing war against nature. Inside, the building was immaculate, albeit cluttered beyond reason. He was introduced to the owner,an ogress of so little renown, that her only helper was a young disgruntled orc who was being punished with community service.

Mozog was brought under the (sometimes literally) wing as her apprentice, where his intellect and nimble but steady stature helped greatly in preparation of ingredients. He originally thought that the elders plans were for him to seek different means at fixing his body, but his thoughts changed as he started finding joy in the art. He had created a connection, and the possibility made him giddy with glee.

Many months later, whilst out gathering supplies, a large raging plume of fire erupted outside town, from the direction of his new home. It was followed right after by a deafening roar of destruction. Soon, a goblinesh response squad thundered past the awestricken goblin, and they looked prepared for war. While a skirmish or two was not unheard of, this gather focused more on trade skills and haven’t t had this kind of chaos in along time.

Some time later, he was pulled aside by a group of goblinesh with a few of the elders. The young orc assistant was found fleeing the seen. When approached, he retaliated wildly with the maniac laughter and glee that they often associated with the more corrupt of their kind. He had confessed to rigging one of the more unstable concoctions to explode, and that he regretted that the stupid ogress had noticed in time to neutralize most of the reagents inside, preventing it from destroying a good chunk of the town as well. His master, was dead.

The grief was immeasurable, worse than the anguish so many years ago. It was that day that he declared war against the darkness, a war where he would cure it, and the world. He drove himself, single minded, towards helping others that needed it. Now, he takes his next step in that path. Now, he is a Ranger.

Mozog, Ranger

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