Shaintar_J&L_Defenders of Stahlheim

Game 63 Your Druidness is in Another Castle!!!

Report from Corporal Murvoth

Rorauk Fyrforg, Sergeant
Murvoth, Corporal with Kujo and Cheu
Chumley, Ranger
Flint Ironfinder, Ranger
Hanna Skye, Ranger
Caden Stonecutter, Ranger Recruit

2nd to 7th of Harvest Moon

Ghost very focused on getting Shayline back ran up ahead, chasing him until Hanna Skye made an appearance with our horses in hand. Have not seen her in a longtime, but she wore some very decorative bracers of white-silver with arrow etching This entire trek to save her was tiring, entering the Malakar Dominion where our presence is not so welcomed.

It took time as we finally found Ghost, reading his body as he signaled all of us to stop here. Everyone rested and from there we reached the river from across the road. Apparently now in the well-known Evershade Forest based on the word of a ferry rider, we ascended straight into darkness akin to that area where we fought those servants of darkness we trailed from before from those wrenched abominations that were once orcs.

A pompous laugh emitted from this vampire, wishing to deliver her back to master. We could not let her be taken, I desired to smash his skull for his actions. Flint Ironfinder on horseback charged for the legions of darkness. Hanna suddenly vanished someplace, watching over us as she immediately turned one of the vampires to dust with her white-silver arrowhead. Flint came into contact with the enemy, slicing into flesh with the white-silver axe but no lasting damage. Chumley tested out the durable nature of the club they wielded, bracing for impact and standing his grounds. Rorauk prayer to Celesia to protect her chosen priestess, three golems of clay emerged from the ground. All started to come to the aid of Chumley. This human necromancer with black hurls of darkness emulating from him was hard to damage, but mostly he attempted some spells on just me. This armor drew all the evil in my direction, all the sodding time.

Hanna made one vampire a pin cushion with two white-silver arrows buried near the heart, still unseen from everyone. Luckily the Trolls ran into trouble, one crashing his club into the ground, beaten up beyond any kind of chance to fix it. The other having two claygolems shielding him from harm. Rorauk might be more pious than imagined, prayer bringing out some air spirits called airchildren. Their appearance made a difference, denying the necromancer spellcasting and pummeling him with a wind current.

Celesia made a shocking entrance, her glimmering light and an image of a silver tree coursed through the vision of these corrupted Goblinesh. These creatures of Darkness transformed into Ogres and Orcs, proving her empathy was true and she cared for all. This was a miracle in itself, overwhelming the vampires by light and the vampire disappearing.

The necromancer went invisible after receiving my onslaught of strikes from my gauntlets I held that needed some repair.Going invisible it became a game of hide and seek, always trying to hurt me. These air spirits froze him from his spot after I sensed his darkness imbued aura and everyone us searching. Canden shot his Dwarven Crossbow to kill him, sadden I couldn’t get my chance to finish him.

8th of Harvest Moon

At the Northern Gather of Bralk after some travel, an Ogre that was rescued did Chumley a favor by finding a white-silver Ogre greatsword. He looked confused, feeling pain when explained it hurts evil. Though comical he soon understood why we said such things. It was awkward seeing a Gather this far, hearing rumors of the old ways of the North.

12th of Harvest Moon

Exhausting for most of us, we all got back to Crag. The Ogres had a home at Bralk and four more Orcs joined the gather at Slatespirit. Not bad for an simple guy like me.


Corporal of Graysons Grey Rangers
Captain in Stahlheim Military
Beastmaster of the Gathers
Paladin of the Silver Unicorn



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