Shaintar_J&L_Defenders of Stahlheim

Game 57 Murvoth's Stand

Rorauk Fyrforg, Sergeant
Shayline Eridor, Sergeant with Ghost
Murvoth, Corporal with Cheu and Kujo
Geppert Bronzeheart, Ranger First Class
Grimjack, Ranger First Class
Jav-rasn, Ranger First Class
Flint Ironfinder, Ranger
Mozog, Ranger

Morning of the 4th Festival Moons
Ranger First Class Grimjack with Ranger Mozog arrived late to Stone, hearing their band of rangers left in pursuit towards Malakarian marauders approximately over a week ago with no answer. Information was provided on where the struggle occurred, tracking down the meager blood trail to a possible source. Meanwhile, the rangers were decimated by a separate group of raiders as they slowly gained consciousness, lacking equipment with clothing still wore in a farmer’s field between the hamlets. Mustering up the strength to battle the writhing pain, miraculously some of their wounds healed from tending to each other in this worsened state. Stumbling to a farm house in the horizon, they were met with warm receptions, excluding Jav-rasn whom got dirty looks from the recent rumors spreading about the Fae. Through genuine words and on good faith, Geppert persuaded them to allow the Aevakar to bunk in the stables while they stayed the day. Grimjack and Mozog found out rangers were in the facility during a visit to one of the hamlets , yet did not know there whereabouts. The Ogre prayed to the silver unicorn for guidance, getting a nudge in the right direction to check in the morning.

5th of Festival Moons

Further chores were done in the farmland, rationalizing they needed some weaponry before they dared venture outside this house. Jav-rasn committed to healing the sick animals and blessing them, Geppert building some rudimentary clubs with Rorauk feeding animals and Flint repairing any damage bestowed by the storm. In the afternoons a looming shadow appeared in the distance, relieved it was the mountainous Ogre with Mozog accompanying him. Reunited, a plan was established to get to Stone by camping out to an abandoned farmhouse.

6th of Festival Moon

Staying vigilant in the morning, they made it to the next hamlet without further exposure to other horrors. Others felt meager with sub par equipment thanks to the onslaught they suffered through. They spent the day doing various activities in the hamlet , finding that traversing at night may not be the wisest move in their current predicament.

Evening of the 7th of Festival Moons
It was burdensome for them to stale, yet they finally arrived to Stone safely. Grimjack and Mozog were given news of the deceased rangers who fought off the rangers. Rorauk spoke with the mayor of Stone, displaying grief over the lost gear that may play significant role towards discord in the future. Time was allotted dealing with preparations and the meeting, realizing all paths pointed to Crag.

11th of Festival Moon
Glancing at the familiarity of the gates they began to close in. Murvoth did not stray too far along, trekking through the lands of the Kal-A-Nar Empire and beyond after his succession mission with the Unchained. Accompanied with his two carnal companions Kujo and Cheu made things fascinating, but Shayline whom traveled ahead left the Orc pondering on her detour. Sensing something flame-touched without the beastial duo catching it immediately witnessed two Acolytes riding some gigantic gargoyles. One fancied a scar, an indication of the knife launcher hitting true meaning it was time for round two. A radial stream of flames came spewing out of its mouth to encircle them three, all evading in a timely manner. Unfortunately avoiding that ominous torridity gripping his organs was harder to dodge, but for the time he mustered through without any lasting damage inflicted. The other rider assisted in shielding themselves in flames akin to a shield. The others became observant of the battle raging on with them surrounded and maybe outmatched. Clinging to the compact leg of Grimjack, Mozog followed his lead forward to help his Goblinesh comrade. Jav-rasn distance himself, inadequate protection and recent trauma convincing him to suppress his heroism in exchange for a big shield. Rorauk lead with commands to influence Murvoth’s performance, feeling hindered without his marvelous wedding gift and armor. Lastly Geppert ran for the gate to call for some reinforcements and Flint assured without fear dashed forward.

Sundering his insides by abyssal flames and Gargoyle heaving breath, it was a struggle while safeguarding those near him. Geppert’s knifelauncher provided him a small opportunity, demonstrating the full lethality of the weapon as it punctured passed the nose and travel upward towards its Childer brain with maximum carnage. Bypassing its stoney hide despite inexperience with shooting, he forced the dreaded agent of Ceynara to fall twenty feet, positioned prone with the carcass of his kill. Conjuring up energy the other acolyte summoned another enormous gargoyle, though this one was on the ground. Surrounding this fallen scoundrel, Murvoth initiated a tremendous combination of armored strikes, though Flint Ironfinder triggered it by an intellectual display of trickery by feinting the hint of reinforcements charging in with a convincing speech and reaction even at his distance. Bewildering him at a time of distraught, the first punch collided to the temple to disorient, the secondary one hit with ferocity in the form of a savage left hook to the liver with the third becoming a downward hammershot to the spine. Kujo’s attack ended prematurely by mimicking his master, falling flat on his butt. Cheu’s stinger pierced but he resisted the poison and mustered through the pain.

Geppert cry for help manifested through a bright white-silver light, Shayline Eridor appearing before them in their dire time of need in assisting the boisterous corporal. Blood spewed out his mouth from further internal distress. This hampered him enough to get the advantage to teleport in a zip of flames where he now commanded the air. Going for a second shot, the trigger proved too slow before enough strain forced him to collapse soon after when the Faelakar propelled herself at great speeds in her falcon form to his destination. Her arrival with the other prompted them to retreat, the wounded acolyte yearning to finish off the Paladin this time. Motivated to not grant them a proper exit, Shayline surged with Celesia’s mystical essence concentrated through her.


Pulsed out was a massive wave of raw force describable as the fury of a storm, radiating in it towards the escaping enemies as a piercing white-silver light of the Silver Unicorn. Afterward her swift attack killed the Gargoyle immediately with its rider freefalling to his death onto the merciless rocks of the Stoneheart Mountains. She unleashed another without a hint of hesitation to demolish the other agent of Ceynara with his minion.

She checked on his status with his allies dragging him to safety. Healing him of his wounds, they conversed as the others met up. It was quite the reunion with everything they learned, especially the death of rangers whom Murvoth last recall drinking with at Stahlheim. This moral victory became sour as they enter Crag to report to the exhausted Captain Fyrforg. Everyone gave their statuses with immediate worry of the items taken from Rorauk. Requipped, all of them tended to their own duties for the night. Things were going to get even more complicated now.



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