Shaintar Justice and Life Campaigns

Justice and Life is the name given to a shared campaign world, where every story matters and every story is considered to be cannon. Each J&L gm gets an area they run their games out of. By working with other gm’s managing areas near and far to their campaign, we build stories both large and small!! To learn more about these games jump over to

The World of Shaintar is part of the Suzerian Continuum.

Evil Beagle Games
Savage Mojo
Pinnacle Entertainment

Defenders of Stahlheim

A group of Greyson’s Grey Rangers serving to protect Stahlheim’s above ground interests and to stand as a first line of defence against forces from the north and west.

*Games are held Tuesdays 1900 Eastern on Roll20 new people welcomed.

Artwork by Chris Bivins, James Denton, Jason Engle, Susan Knowles, Alida Saxon, Carly Sorge, Tomek Tworek. Used with permission from Evil Beagle Games, all rights reserved. Do not reproduce without express permission.