Tag: Silver Unicorn


  • Sanctify

    *Shayline's personal log* After chasing the Malakaran agents that had been spreading the rumor that the elves had been the cause of the storm I was summoned to the Captain's office. I was informed that there had been disappearances of farmers …

  • Rockridge

    This is the second temple to Ceynara that Shayline Eridor converted to a temple to the Silver Unicorn. It lies about a days walk in good conditions north of the [[Slatespirit Inn]].

  • Slatespirit Inn

    The Slatespirit Inn is a mercenary tavern/inn about a half days ride east northeast of [[Crag]]. It is open Spring-Fall but is closed down over the winter. There was a temple to Ceynara found under the inn, this has been converted to a temple to the …