Tag: Ironreich


  • Brogan Ironreich, Ranger 1st Class

    A man born to obligations to his clanhome, Brogan had alot to be aspire towards in the Ironreich clan in Halladrin. Unlike them no one really ventured out of the Stoneheart Mountains, mainly attributed to their sworn duties towards protecting the Clan …

  • Egon Ironreich

    Born on 25 Red Wolf 2984 Serving as the longest reigning guard of Oracyon Fyrforg, also one of the few Ironreich with innate magical talent which has served well for his duties by being a practitioner of The Way. Granduncle to [[:brogan-ironreich | …

  • Emmerich Ironreich

    Born 12 Dancing Clouds 3050 Grandnephew of [[:egon-ironreich| Egon Ironreich]], Brother of Armin Ironreich, Father to [[:brogan-ironreich |Brogan Ironreich]]