Tag: Human


  • Aiden Burke, Ranger

    Aiden was born in Lanthor, the son of a blacksmith. Even as a child, Aiden had a gift for fighting. As he grew older, he found he had a greater talent and passion for rending the armor of others, rather than fashioning it. He also developed a near …

  • Claus Offenheim, Ranger [KIA]

    A comrade from Arianna's Soldiers who joined up with the rangers after a fight at Slatespirit Inn with the Red Hawk Mercenaries. Disbanded from the rangers at Crag, moving up to Stone to start off a new station in the region. Patrolling the north edge of …

  • Ekril Heaupof

    Was stuck in a[[Game 10 | time hopping castle]]. Is now sworn footman to [[:shayline-eridor | Shayline Eridor]].

  • Jarvis Riley, Ranger

    Jarvis was born in a port town south of Galea. Growing up it was plagued by pirates. He did not think much more of the sailors in the town because instead of doing anything about the pirates, they would get drunk and complain about them until they started …

  • Gerhart Hildebrand

    Gerhart was trained in the art of battle from an early age. He was also found to be gifted in the magical arts. He has been fighting on the front lines against the prelacy for the last year and has distinguished himself as a gifted tactician.