Tag: Goblin


  • Gerrov Gather

    A local Goblinesh Gather located north of [[Crag | Crag]]. Events from the Tempest has left the area devastated, causing a slight riff as younger Goblinesh took Murvoth offer to go to a safer area with the rest repairing it.

  • Neza

    Known as the Terrask's daughter within the [[Gerrov Gathers | Gerrov Gathers]]. Currently has her eyes on the [[:murvoth | new addition ]] to the gather. Unfortunately his duties drove her to be unfaithful, now fixated on one of the new Goblinesh …

  • Dazbog

    Amongst the people in the [[Gerrov Gather | Gerrov Gather]] he is known as the spiritual leader who brings his council to the Mak Torkash. Also the father to [[:neza | Neza]].

  • Mozog, Ranger

    The Blacksmith in Craig that made Murvoth's armor never wants to see me again. Started goodwill trips with Gerhart The cause for his stunted growth is unknown, but widely speculated on. Most goblins say that it is an uncommon happenstance, the orcs of …