Tag: Eldakar


  • Arianna Silvermoon, Ranger 1st Class [KIA]

    Former leader of Arianna‚Äôs Soldiers until [[:rorauk-fyrforg | Rorauk]] sweeps her off her feet in a whirlwind of love. She and her fellow soldiers[[:claus-offenheim-ranger | Claus]] and[[:pitch-slagger-ranger | Pitch]] then join the Greyson's Grey …

  • Rendolen, Captain

    Love interest of [[:shayline-eridor | Shayline Eridor]], Captain of a squad of Elekar cavalry in the Elvish Nation

  • Harod Gruffers, Ranger

    Growing up as a Nobleman's thrid son, Harod wasn't raised to fill his father's shoes, unlike his brothers. With his brothers in etiquette school and father normally buisy with regal affairs he had a lot of time to persue other interests. One day during …