Shaintar_J&L_Defenders of Stahlheim

Game 50 Life and Death

Report of Sergeant Shayline Eridor
Rangers present:
Rorauk Fireforge, Sergeant
Shayline Eridor, Sergeant
Murvoth, Corporal
Jav-rasn, Ranger First Class
Geppert Bronzeheart, Ranger
Mozog, Ranger
Flint Ironfinder, Ranger

Eternal Sun 1
Having just dispatched of a Storm mage riding a large Gargoyle I proceeded to dispel the Despoil the Storm mage had cast on the area of several previous battles. Realizing the power that would be needed I called upon my fellow rangers to aid me in this task. Murvoth and Rorauk tapped into their connection to the Silver Unicorn and Jav-rasn, who along with Mozog had shown up after the battle, aided with his connection with life to aid me in Dispelling the unnatural power placed there. Having exhausted ourselves from the fight and the spell we settled down for a long rest to recover. As I walked into the cave and entered the consecrated ground I found myself in possession of the equipment I had lost when I was kidnapped by the Tempest. Murvoth plate became white silver and a symbol of a rearing unicorn was on the breastplate revealing him to be a paladin of Celesia. Grimjack had passed out on the rock wall of the fortification and none of us had to strength to move him so we used the pavillion canvass as a blanket for him.
Eternal Sun 2
I rested for the night and got an early start the next morning to prepare the outer area to be dedicated to Celesia. As Jav and I prepared the area Flint and Geppart made plans to collapse the side tunnel with the liberal use of Mozag’s alchemical products.
Eternal Sun 3-6
We successfully cast a more powerful Sanctify than I had attempted before as I tapped into the Locus’s power. Again tired I rested as the others made preparations to collapse the tunnel. They realized it would take 3 days to safely collapse the tunnel. Near evening a male mountain lion wandered near the fortification. Clearly starving I convince the party to throw some dried meat rations to the animal as I shifted into the form of a mountain lion and led it to a nearby stream to catch fish to eat. I realized its mate must be hungry I tracked it back to its lair carrying a fish and found a mother and cub both of whom were starving. The cub was actually sick and after healing it fed both the mother and cub. I led them back to the cave behind the fortification so they would be closer to the stream where they could get fish. The others had successfully collapsed the tunnel and we headed off to the Rockridge temple.
Eternal Sun 7-8
Travel to and arrive at the Rockridge temple. While there we decide to take a wagon and a team of horses to Slatespirit to use to transport goods to and from Crag.
Eternal Sun 9-11
Travel to Slatespirit. The Dwarves finished a waystation at the halfway point of the trip and had blazed a trail but the way was still difficult for the wagon. The dwarves believed it would take a little more time to make the trail easier for wagon travel. We arrive at Slatespirit. We rested for the night and left Grimjack and Murvoth to help the Goblinesh settle in. Murvoth was greeted rather enthusiastically by a female goblin. Perhaps Rorauk should think of moving his wife to Slatespirit.
Eternal Sun 12
We headed of to Crag early the next morning. Not long after leaving we ran into a large number of zombies. Jav attacked from the air and I shifted into the form of a falcon and calling upon Landra and the Silver unicorn began to fight off the hoard. Rorauk and Geppert used dwarven crossbows to devastating effect as Flint moved forward to throw his axes and wade into melee. I lost track of Mozog during the fight. The number of zombies was nearly enough to overwhelm us and might have if a patrol of dwarven warriors hadn’t arrived. As it was Jav and Geppert were unconscious. I flew off after the wagon after healing Jav and Geppert. When I returned I found out that Mozog had been pinned under a tree. Fortunately he was successfully extracted and healed.

Questions linger. The predators in the area are going to be aggressive until nature recovers from the storm. We must keep an eye on those farmers that have returned to their homes outside Crag and Slatespirit.
Where can I recruit druids to man the new Temple of the Silver Unicorn? Fae? Dwarven druids? So they don’t displace the mountain lions.
How many more Storm mages are still running around?
What power raised all these zombies?
The number of dead from the storm provides Necromancers with large supply to raise an army.

Shayline Eridor
Sergeant Graysons Grey Rangers
Druid, Priest of the Silver Unicorn

Game 49 Rider on the Storm

Rorauk Fyrforg, Sergeant
Shayline Eridor, Sergeant
Murvoth, Corporal
Geppert Bronzeheart, Ranger
Grimjack, Ranger First Class
Flint Ironfinder

16th to 20th of Red Hawk

All the chaos that occurred from the Tempest magically vanished, everyone looked astonished when they went outside as the land was now mended. Shayline appeared in the temple, describing some of the events regarding her disappearance, lacking her equipment. Curious about the status of the other temples claimed from Ceynara, the druidness headed out alone while Rorauk led the others to Stahlheim and wondering where the goblinesh bruisers went.

Her journeys to Rockridge led to some interesting developments, everything to do with the land prior like the scorched road used to better navigated for travelers. Learning some of the dwarven guards died to get supplies, Shayline started the process of commissioning them some well needed supplies to regain their strength. Moving ahead to the next destination, something ominous was in the horizon up in the mountains. A storm was brewing with traces of magic within it. Worried she moved in her aerial form back to Crag. Marching upon the area they noticed damaged roads, dead animals, farmhouses collapsed, but nature was unharmed or rather renewed.

Entering Crag from the exterior it stood well against the storm made entirely of stone walls. The interior on the other hand took some beatings, less reinforced homes were demolished. Dwarven made buildings are stone held off, though the mercantile took the blunt of the devastation with the warehouse area utilized to shelter many during the momentous storm . Meeting with Granyt
, he look hampered and a little distraught from the destruction as he needed to assess the damages. Shayline returned soon after, giving her report on all things in regards to this event. This time people spend differed as they split up, Geppert fixing up the settlement of Crag, Shayline scouting out the area, those in Stahlheim overwhelmed with plenty of tasks, and Rorauk going through the tunnel to report in at Stahlheim.

Shayline wandered straight into the farmlands, calculating numbers for what she accounted hoping some fared better than others during most dreadful portion of this storm. Stone made farms held up, yet for humans and their livestock took quite a thrashing.

1 st hamlet57% Dwarven 43% not dwarf , 24% perfect survived of the population 1% of livestock made it

2nd hamlet 6% dwarven and survive 64% remaining survived, only 4% livestock alive.
Enough in both together to help with the crops but a ton of dead animals.

Murvoth and company headed in, greeted with the Seneschal before meeting with the Clanchief. Flint Ironfinder translated between the parties, the armored Orc referring to the battle with the Kalinesh now a third temple belonging to Sergeant Eridor and the Builder settlement now claimed by Stahlheim for the time being. Lastly there was the matter with the Gerrov Gather getting destroyed, asking permission to move them to the area. Mentioned they had the right if they wished, Murvoth bowed with the intent to now address them, believing they might be back in their lands by now.

Midday of 22 to 30th of Red Hawk

Leaving out on the 21st, sometime there the young Fyrforg met up with the group and got introduced to Flint Ironfinder mentioning he came from Crag to deliver. Geppert fixated on helping out conjured up some adequate plans via engineering to construct some homes for its denizens. Shayline went back to checking on the people of Stahlheim, tallying up fatalities and assisting to the best of her abilities. All of this caused by the storm. Already she noted one storm in the horizon, obliged to check it out once reunited with the other rangers.

77% of the livestock of the area is safe from the Eastern farmlands to Stone.
3rd hamlet 20% dwarven 67% total farmers survived 83% livestock survived
4th hamlet near Malkarian 5% Dwarves 40% survived 12% livestock survived
Hamlet near River 1% Dwarven 13% Survived 7% Livestock survived

Making it into the remnants of the Gather, Murvoth searched for the Terresk or Mak Torkash. Surveying the area… Neza took the opportunity to again surprise the orc by pouncing onto him. Focused he asked her where her father was located, carrying her along as they headed in that direction. Confusion ran amok as Kujo appeared, pouncing onto the orc with Neza narrowly avoiding him. Cheu was not too far away with the newcomer ignorant of the situation, prompting the ranger to try to help him with Grimjack not the wiser temporarily shoving the bear off. Before long Murvoth defused the chaos, calling them his allies. Talking everyone he found out most were comfortable staying to rebuild, yet his suggestion wasn’t completely ignored. 18% or 36 of them took the offer from Murvoth to go to the new gather after discussing it in depth with its most influential members of the Gather. They celebrated and party for the night, knowing something new came from this as its younger members strive for this.

30th of Red Hawk
Everyone made it back to Crag with the exception of Rorauk Fyrforg, who was at Stahlheim giving a similar report to the General, his uncle and visiting family. Shayline tapped into the cosmic energies through Celesia, sending a telepathic message to him that it was urgent to head to the third temple for a storm was brewing in the Stoneheart Mountains. With that they left for Slatespirit.

31st of Red Hawk

19% stayed inside/ 10 families approximately was all that still found solace here, making this shelter a new home. The new Goblinesh arrivals consisting of Orcs and Goblin were getting accustomed with Neza amongst their numbers. Stopping only to sleep for the night, the next couple days would be in haste and probably arduous.

33th of Red Hawk
Taking two days to reach the perimeter of Rockridge, they checked up on the dwarves safeguarding the temple and soon they would make their destination hopefully in the afternoon of the new month.

1st of Eternal Sun
Shayline attempts some environment protection through prayer to the silver unicorn, though it was by Murvoth prayer that caused everything in the vicinity to be protected . Mudslides and some flooding occupied as they went into the literal eye of the storm. A giant battle commenced between them and a storm magi riding on a gigantic gargoyle. Immediately it was a deadly battle, its advantage being elevation and another magi in the area. Moving closer more trouble awaited as the magi on the ground summoned two fearsome warriors [sentinels] standing at 9 ft. Raining upon some lightning caused no visible wounds to the advancing Goblinesh muscle, though it did slow them as intended. Shayline was adamant in their death, throwing barrages of blast to kill one of the mages. Grimjack crushed the magi on the ground mostly with ease thanks to the offense of Shayline. Identified as the assailant from earlier by the Ogre, they were motivated to get rid of him. Unfortunately the tasked proved difficult, its rider rending the insides of its more hardy combatants and the Gargoyle roasting them with flames. Grimjack got a good strike in under real duress not to mention furious and Shayline assault did stagger it. Standing up it dropped the hulking Ogre, retreating closer to the mountains for more advantages. Driven to his berserk state at Grimjack taking a gruesome wound in the form of a punctured lung, he climbed up the wall determined to kill it. Earlier his prayers for power backfired by crashing into the ground for attempted flight, anger sealed that thought as his fury consumed him. Flint though getting a shot in before was in the process of healing the fallen giant before Shayline healed him slightly. Unexpectedly Geppert pulled off a tremendous feat by penetrating through the skull of the storm magi, signaling the beginning of the end despite the lowered morale with the orc coughing blood out profusely thanks to the tempest magic in his disposal with all concentrations towards reaching him. The bolt was the first sigh, its second sign of the reckoning was an illustrious light appearing with the mostly absent Rorauk Fyrforg on his steed to lead his squad to victory. That was not far off apparently as Shayline tapped into her reserves, envisioning the torture and embarrassment she faced, exploding the Gargoyle with a falling magi entering some random portal. For now they won, for how long who knew.

Game 48 Lost and Loster!

Rorauk Fyrforg, Sergeant
Shayline Eridor, Sergeant
Murvoth, Corporal
Geppert Bronzeheart, Ranger
Grimjack, Ranger First Class
Flint Ironfinder

4th of Red Hawk !

Calamity continued to descend upon all of Shaintar, the Tempest and its storm causing troubles to all its denizens. With the group divided Murvoth and Grimjack watched the area they collapsed moments ago, noticing nothing significant like water spewing out. Descending towards the destination to Stahlheim, their patrol led them to another Goblinesh Gather. Back at Slatespirit Mozog vigilantly probed the facility for the amazing laboratory seen in his dreams, adamant it was all but a dream. Rorauk patrolled about with the troops, observing areas that were flooding and making sure remnants of the forces that frequented the area did not appear.

6th to 11th Red Hawk

An Echo sonar device [mind eye spell] crafted by Geppert was built in the attempt to explore this territory that could be described as humongous. A depository hidden from view was remarkably large, but on the basis of Mozog dream the area better stocked hinting someone still lingered potentially. The group with Murvoth leading found out some flooding occurred in the decrepit mine no longer offering its minerals. Eventually their trek lead them to Stahlheim, he gave Flint and Grimjack some time to do some errands as he strive to receive an audience with the Clanchief. Told to wait some time before it was most convenient schedule wise, the bulky Corporal approached General Fyrforg and gave his reports of who was responsible for this storm and some of the important events that recently occurred in the region. Dismissing him and asking to help the area in anyway he can, Murvoth went out to witness some distress to fend off the increase in water. Flint intelligence and prowess regarding engineering helped plentiful during this period with the soldiers. For now this was the best that could be done against this menace, pondering if this tempest will ever go away.

Start of a great adventure
Flint's beginning adventure

First true mission for the Grey Rangers was to deliver a message from Craig to Stahlheim, in the travel there my attention was brought to a mountain of a man that I later found to be called Grimjack the Ranger, the reason my attention was brought to him was a blast of fire from a big gargoyle that had a rider on it’s back, by the time I was able to reach Grimjack he had fallen from I guess the magics of the rider, but the rider seemed to think the storm would take care of killing Grimjack the rest of the way, I had seen Grimjack heave a stone mightily at the gargoyle and bounce it off the beast, I don’t think it caused any damage to the creature, but as I got to Grimjack he seemed to be in trouble and I gave him drink and aided him the best I could, (Not being skilled in healing, I think it was just the grace of the Silver Unicorn that saved him) He woke shortly after I gave him drink and had done all I could for him. together we got the farmers he had been out in this nastiness trying to rescue on in to the tunnels, where I let another messenger carry the message on toward Stahlheim as I started up tunnel with Grimjack, we soon came on another Ranger named Murvoth, he lead us down tunnel to check for storm damage in the lower tunnels, we got to a temple that they had cleared out before and we had the guards let us go in to check the lower levels of it where there was a river flowing through it, on the way down to that level we came to a point where we could go no further due to the water rising, it had already filled the level below us and was steadily moving on that level, so we retreated to the level above that and Murvoth and Grimjack stuffed a couple big stone statues down the stairs then Murvoth prayed and had a quake hit the ceiling above the stairs with a little guidance from me on where I felt would be the best place for something like that to do the best at sealing the water off. The quake was huge, I worried the it was bringing the ceiling down on us but it worked as well as I expected if not better from the look of things on the side we could see.we moved back to the temple entrance to find the guards had been knocked down and one knocked out, we gave aid to them then left to look for more trouble.

After checking gathers all the way down to Stahlheim, I was put to the task of instructing workers on where and how to place sandbags to be most effective at water diverting. Some folks just don’t understand how easy that should be.

Game 46 Where is Everybody?

Geppert Bronzeheart, Grimjack, Mozog, Murvoth, Rorauk Fyrforg

25th-32nd of Planting Moons

Further preparations were underway for the Rangers of Stahlheim, currently held up in the newly claimed builder settlement dubbed Slatespirit. The malicious tempest storm still wrecked havoc, compelling the Orc Beastmater Murvoth to check on the remaining Goblinesh from the Gerrov Gathers. The hulking Grimjack received a heroic calling through an outlandish dream followed along to this mission. Reciting a prayer of power through the Silver unicorn to empower him with enough environmental protection to make the trip, she granted him such power temporarily as they rushed out with the storm increasing in power seemingly. In the meanwhile Rorauk checked on the conditions of the settlement, Geppert remained adamant in learning arcmancy, and Mozog searching for some supplies to help with his alchemy.

It was a formidable journey for them, taking a decent amount of energy for their marathon trek to the gather with haste. Getting there they discovered the place in ruin, deciding it would be wise to see if they traveled upward in the tunnels heading into Stahlheim itself. Rorauk noted a few things, one which was notable was the water levels were increasing which prompted him to get help in the form of the Dwarven Wright fixated in learning how to properly wield builder equipment. A breakthrough was slowly there thanks to the guidance from Rodebrecht. Mozog’s fortune came early with the discovery of an intricate book. Now that luck ran out swiftly once curiosity plagued him, getting a nasty jolt of lightning like the magic tome from an earlier adventure. Rushing to the same source as Rorauk both were hovering above. Hijinxed occurred with Rorauk attempting to gain his attention with a whistler bolt, serving its purpose and more by puncturing the buttock of the Dwarf which caused them to flee deeper into the area. Mozog nearly fell from nervous laughter of this. After a while the Goblin finally caught up to the pair, bewildered at the builder language as Rodebrenct explained to Geppert that this was a magic tome. The young Fyrforg wished to find him for what he noticed, rushing into the confines of what almost was a maze.

Catching up to this gather underground it appeared those they seek were indeed safe. Unsuspecting or in Murvoth case not so much he caught someone trying to ambush him by clinging to his armor. Rather comically it was Neza, failing in catching him by surprise. Grimjack saw a potential threat, swinging those ham fists to grapple to no prevail. The possible squabble was curved, asking some questions yet her feminine wilds and seduction tactics ensnared the orc and they went off someplace privately. Receiving some spiritual calling or vision of some sort, Grimjack getting no answers and seeing they were safe went ahead without telling the Orc. Outside was hectic, almost lost as he found remnants of a farmhouse. There he saw humans hurdled up cold, trying to help them out. Whoever guided him currently had him outweigh a few things, acting more gallant than usual while Murvoth was ‘occupied’.

Things turned dreadful for those back at Slatespirit, Mozog with some acute sight and proper investigating discovering a hidden alchemy lab. There was another book, taking precautions to open this book. Stricken by copious amount of acid to melt his body into oblivion[ Its was all a dream adventure card], he awoken soon afterward in a bed, apparently dreaming of things since the lightning hit him or he imagined. Rorauk got lost in the search for the Wrights, finding a crysarium mine at least. Yet this was not a good situation for the noble or a few others who were left practically separated.

Midnight Visitors
Grimjack's Enlightenment
In his sleep, Grimjack received three visitors that came to let him know he has much expected of him in these times of storms. His first visitor was in the form of the Silver Unicorn, who urged him on to take up the mantle of defender to help her people weather the storms, so that way there would be hope for the future. The people would need a symbol of endurance and support to help them make it through the coming days, but the weight of the world would lie heavy on his shoulders. His second visitor was a Black Raven, who told him he’d have to give up some of his stiffness and determination to be able to survive the pressures he would be facing in the times ahead. His third visitor was in the form of a kindly man with a glow about him. This visitor said that he would have to give up the hate in his heart, to make room for the Light. This Visitor explained to Grimjack that steel doesn’t hate the fire for tempering it, so that it has the strength to perform the duties fated to it.

(Grimjack swapped out Animosity Minor Vs Kalinesh, and Stubborn for the Heroic Hindrance)Grimjack, Ranger First Class

Game 44 Sheltering the Storm / Storming the Shelter

Beginning of Planting Moons

Amidst everything like Rorauk speaking with the General an option was given to gain more troops through aligning themselves to the very region they were stationed at by actively involving themselves in their army. In was a decision some were hesitant to take while others took it thinking nothing of it since it was practically home.

Rorauk and Murvoth become Captains gaining a Company by swearing allegiance to the Stahlheim military.

Grimjack and Geppert become Sergeants , each gaining half a company

The hectic conditions from the storm reevaluated their priorities to move this many troops into the occupied shelter of the Builders. Shayline [roll 20+ with a benny and Breathe of Life adventure ] channeling fiercely through maintaining concentration environmentally safeguarded the forces to the entrance, forced to keep it up in the initial battle. Outside everyone went into their positions, Grimjack demonstrating his knack for improvising with his behemoth strength with Geppert quickly assisting with his Wright hook to dislodge the door and with that the hulking Ogre moving forward to ram them with overwhelming force.

Unfortunately they were not to be belittled, anticipating an attack yet holding only a small unit or two as they did not foreseen an invasion in this weather. The moving shieldwall was stopped in his tracks from the combined might of the golems severing his descent and arcmancy fire from the builders. Rorauk rallied the troops through his leadership that allowed them to slowly get a foothole, Shayline holding up the barrier. Mozog deceived the enemy units rather convert, granting Murvoth the opportunity to charge into the frey blindly striking whatever obstacle was in his way.

The early barrage gave them the foothold necessary, some retreating to gain the main forces deep within the confines of this area. Time wasn’t of the essence, knowing their arcfire weaponry would decimate them in the longrun. With that in mind they passed through the hallway before encountering their security that appeared more formidable than the welcoming defense. Mozog gave a frightening surprise through the alchemical mixtures of ingredients for an especially deadly concoction, throwing it towards a spot where the Wright fascinated with the Builders deduced some vulnerability. Unexpectedly the destruction caused that entire portion of the builder forces to perish, making everyone nearly lose balance from the mountain shaking from the phenomenal blast . Rorauks own company was affected in the front line, some wounded and dead from accidental fire.
His honeyed words and fighting expertise showed no shift from this, relying on his heavy hitters to pounce. Amongst the confusion Murvoth charged, dropkicking one of their large golems to tumble downwards to crush a few builders currently prone. Grimjack began tossing them aside with his size advantage, yet enough retaliation was met to hinder his movements.

Already battle dragged on, both sides finding themselves adding more dead the longer they fought. Soon the majority of their forces appeared, looking daunting in numbers and superior equipment.
Another bottle of explosive consequences was launched into the crowd without wielding similar results, however it still injured them only slightly. The joys of builder arcmancy! . Following Geppert led in directing any consistent weaknesses as Shayline channeled off a surge of life energy to blast through armor, dropping the peculiar dwarves too reliant on their gear. With Murvoth it was charging ahead with his companion Kujo with him, both entering a standstill in the chaos as they were surrounded with no one buckling as the duo were forced to pause. Finally it was the coercive tactics of the young Fyrforg to end the battle with folly of arrows, enveloping them in a pincer maneuver with Calvary swarming them in all directions with War lizards clinged to the walls secure the victory they desired. Causality were on both sides with Ekril wounded [ spleen injury:reduce agility down one] and indirectly from Mozog explosion killing Bibur Slatespirit by a barrel of dwarven ale crushing the aging inn owner. Builders suffered heavy losses with a good majority killed or hunted down during the cleansing portion of the settlement with only a few escaping. Reports came in for those who perished in the battle and through the expedition of the settlement found equipment that would help those plagued by the storm and weaponry that perhaps could be utilized with enough studying. In homage to the Slatespirit who loss one of their own through the battle, it was deemed appropriate to name the future settlement after their family name.
List for the battle

800 soldiers, 240 casualties, 128 wounded, 112 dead.

600 Dwarves

Game 43 Third time is the Charm!

Geppert Bronzeheart, Grimjack, Jav-rasn, Mozog, Murvoth, Rorauk Fyrforg, Sharn Shayline Eridor

20th of Golden Eagle

Recovering from the gust of winds, both rose from the precarious position. Holding out in this area was Sharn. Devising a plan to go salvage through the rockslide to reach the dwarven children in specter form bound to the area, Geppert immediately worked with the scrap metal from the enemies to build some peculiar shovel. Those without reliance on light motioned up ahead, spotting the specters. Everyone entered the area, pondering long and hard on how to get rid of them peacefully. [ Teamwork] Mozog suspected that they could not move on without possibly ridding of the despoiled grounds, Murvoth noticing remnants of a bonfire that likely connected to their death. Checking out the altar ahead, Grimjack ignorantly moved forward with the specters exploiting the opportunity to strike at him. Temporarily frozen in place from the specter , the orc recovered swiftly to wildly swing those powerful white silver fists to dissolve two of them. The group moved away, not before Sharn blasted one with a holy bolt to end the misery of another.

Shayline prepared for a monumental spell [ Blessing of and Rorauk Moment of Glory and Grimjack Interloper ] to dispel the bloody altar with the specters disappearing in a puff of raven feathers. People objected to the feeding of dead dwarven mercenaries to Cheu, stricken towards morality despite the fact they were enemies. Geppert digged rather fast with the super shovel he built, finding a dwarven axe damaged slightly by his own doing and splinters of ever wood that Mozog showed interest in. A horse began to pull in the caldron out which would be cleansed by the rain water continuously leaving puddles. Afterwards things were sufficient to began the process of converting this place in the name of the Silver Unicorn.

21th of Golden Eagle

Beginning the process of sanctifying through channeling, Jav-rasn and Shayline tapped into the filament. Eventually they were able to mask it in the very aura that caused distress to enemies of Darkness and Flame. Adding insult and injury alike, she wrote a fae character in the number three to mark it as some tally against Ceynara’s own places of worship.

22nd to Beginning of Planting Moon

Shayline cast environmental protection on everyone, heading down straight to Rock ridge on the journey back to Crag. Along the way we approach the Slates spirit Inn, checking on the condition of farms as well. Reaching back to Crag to Captain Fyrforg the recruits were promoted to Ranger, the rangers received an upgrade to Ranger 1st class and Rorauk received the rank of Sergeant as impending battle was ensured in the coming weeks with the builders to escape the storm . People took time visiting love ones, recruiting by various means, and tactics devise for them.

GAME 42 An Ill Wind Blows

Grimjack, Mozog, Murvoth, Rorauk Fyrforg, Shayline Eridor

19th of Golden Eagle

Something was brewing in the distance, impressive gust of winds pushing back Cheu an inch in spite of her stature. But unfortunately Jav-rasn and Geppert were soaring into the wind. Rorauk enthusiastically brimmed with confidence shot straight for the one emulating lightning, clipping him hard in the head to stun temporarily, scraping the eye . Wind Wraiths descended upon them further, one striking Kujo with two pummeling the Wyvern into unconsciousness. Archers attempted to strike at the large goblinesh bruisers, strong winds stopping their arrows from hitting true. Shayline showing some contempt to the Wyvern let loose another wave of salt-water blasting into the tempest creatures, eliminating them and splashing salt into Cheu wound. Mozog darted with haste, checking on the condition of the fallen beast.

Lightning encircled the Goblinesh bruisers, unable to really hit them. Grimjack attempts to thwart the charge of the wind wraith, grappling with the ethereal horse to no prevail. It retaliated with a swift counterattack of the sword, hitting the Ogre instead. Murvoth arrived to gang up on the wraith, obliterating it with a few time punches, but in the process lost some balancing from over committing in that state of ferocity. Shayline’s obscurement backfired, radiating a massive glow which Mozog exploited to hide behind the druid. Rorauk overcoming the winds and his stigma against the roaring winds propelled a second bolt to match the arrow of the one enveloped in lightning, crediting the remarkable craftsmanship of the crossbow.

Everyone marched forward to the enemy, Grimjack charging lariat one of the lightning spirit to dispose of it instantaneously. Flocking towards imminent danger at the wall, Kujo took the initiative climbing up the rocky walls, mimicking its owner by targeting one of the crossbowmen. Soon another one emerged as well as the main perpetrator behind this skirmish. In the background Grimjack violently slammed his fist downward in a hammer fist motion, transforming the dwarf into a blood smear camping within its durable armor. Spotting the cub, a mighty jolt of lightning surged into the bear, wounding him through the severe burns.

A combination of his diminutive stature and stealth had him undetected near the opening, firing off the sling with no notable effect. Shayline also followed along, triggering her obscurement properly this time, oblivious to the information pertaining to the desecrated grounds from Ceynara’s followers.
With numbers cutting down, the remanding ones proceeded to sprint away from the combat passed the obscured goblin with another trapped between the bear cub and one pissed off orc. The lightning spirit falling quickly once Murvoth reached the top. Making a gruesome example from one of its hired help, Grimjack threw the carcass into the stormdruid, narrowing missing in the process. Unlike the majority Mozog wasn’t affected by the despoiled grounds, closing the distance to fling the sling stone into the Stormdruid with nothing to show. Shayline , however dispelled the deflection, with the storm druid smashing Mozog with a staff imbued with electricity, dropping him into the dirt with partial blindness temporarily stricken in one eye

Grimjack whips the white-silver bracer into this burdensome practitioner of storm magic the first time around, the storm mage or druid more accurately striking back with no intent to suffer. This tussle continued for a few seconds, both sides demonstrating the resolve to not be finished. Magic and limited prowess was not enough to finished the borne pit fighter, dropping the spellcaster with fists with a purpose. Most abrupt was the vortex sucking him in and with that proper escape. Battling a high despoil, the notorious Faelakar surged with great power to sanctity the perimeter with great duress, this time afterward committed towards aiding those injured from this battle. Around this time their environmental protection expired, working together to fortify the area around the rumble they had for camp, needed for the unconscious Mozog[ healing type adventure card used]. Murvoth carried the wyvern back, nursing him back and befriending it in the process [Card on Cheu + benny/ replacement on beastmaster on Cheu].

Game 41 Who Afraid of the Big Bad Wind!

Geppert Bronzeheart, Grimjack, Jav-rasn, Mozog, Murvoth, Rorauk Fyrforg, Shayline Eridor

Morning of the 15th of Golden Eagle

Closer inspection in the journey made us realize these lizards killed were actually Wyverns. Half the group. Stricken in fear from howling winds, Shayline decided therapy by overwhelming him by the source of his fear. Meanwhile a day behind Jav-rasn met with a new recruit by the name of Mozog, an enthusiastic goblin alchemist yearning to travel. Winds proved to be quite treacherous for them, Mozog using his innate tracking skills to search for the others through the muddy tracks. Noticing cow tracks, some scorched marks, and some big prints. Eventually the duo reached near the caves, seeing the two corpses before the Aevakar dropped to the ground from exhaustion. The air elemental kept others up with its presence akin to actually being within the hazardous conditions outdoors, making things hard to say the least. The baby wyvern staring immensely at the bear cub like a well done steak. Worried he distracted it to almost no prevail, using Rorauk charismatic nature to convince it to eat.

16th of the Golden Eagle

Murvoth worrying about the prior predicament with the young Wyvern decided to venture into the storm with the wyvern and Kujo. Definitely a hectic endeavor to qualm the predatory tendencies natural to its species, an elk was found in its hiding spot from the nasty weather. Killed and snapping a leg along the way as a treat to keep it composed, mighty gust of winds tiring them out to an extent before reaching the cave.

Jav-rasn awakened to see a baby wyvern chopping onto a body, contemplating eating it before others said it was cured of its flame-affliction by the Silver Unicorn and even shown it deserved a second chance. Curiosity plagued him, trying to analyze the wyvern , not looking happy with him probably sensing his hostile intent. Heading out it proved a rough hike, making it to the Slates spirit Inn, those with environment protection or at least the majority to lessen the burden. Visiting the former headquarters we noticed some remained unchanged. Many reminiscence, it being ages since visiting this place as they entered inn. Rorauk negotiated with the owners to allow the Wyvern safe passage, becoming its first customers in a few months thanks to the weather. In the meantime over supper Geppert wrote a letter translated into Builder with Shayline to deliver it personally. The entrance was barred when heading forward, the druidness summoning an earth elemental to bypass the obstacle, yet with incredible resistance since the sounds of combat was heard. With that she returned, everyone getting their rest.

17th of the Golden Eagle

Everyone left to the temple in the morning fully rested . Their knocks were fallen to deaf ears, making the decision to head to Rockridge on checking on the filaments in the area. In the middle of the trip the Wyvern started to be called Cheu passed out in the trek. Grimjack carried the creature, while Murvoth fought against the winds. Luckily everyone else was fine as they reached the halfway point in decent condition. Working together they reinforced the small camp grounds for proper resting, nothing eventful happening for the next 12 hours.

18th of the Golden Eagle
Out from the halfway point camp wise, maintaining the environmental protection for the entire group now they made it with no problems. Telling the priest of Dranak the news of the entity involved with the chaotic weather loaming throughout shaintar, they made mention of ruined crops from it. From there it was time to rejuvenate before approaching the third important area in the morning.

19th of Golden Eagle

Leaving Rockridge immediately, Murvoth blazed the trail while hunting for the Wyvern to appease its hunger, grabbing a few rabbits this time. Reaching the area it was encompassed with the enemy around the filament, the enemies Shayline described from her absence . Waves of thunder sweeped by, a barrage causing some hardships for the group. Amongst them were lightning spirits, wind wraiths similar to the first encounter at the old keep, and over in the distance some ranged soldiers, perhaps mercenaries. Bunched together could only lead to further troubles, each taking their path to advance onto them. These peculiar lightning elementals were closest in proximity, Murvoth ever so eager to reach the opposition with Kujo following along instinctively. Shayline who amongst us was the most knowledgeable against these creature vanquished three of them with ease, unleashing an indomitable water blast imbued with salt to claim first blood in a figurative sense. Only a few saw the Dwarf on the wall enveloped with lightning bolts, suspected of being the culprit for this scenario. Within no time Murvoth was going through the remanding lightning spirits, Kujo following his lead in attacking an approaching wind wraith. Jav-rasn imitated the successful attack witnessed by the druidness, summoning a lethal bolt with a trapping of salt-water to purge one of the wraiths out of the area. Archers found the two goblinesh intimidating enough, shooting out an aerial assault yet with no notable damages. The wraiths reacted differently, one fumbling about to obliterate the one adjacent that got a decent hit into the Aevakar. The tinker felt their wrath too, Mozog standing back to support those needing the assistance like Rorauk as he retreated back for aid. How long would this weather persist?


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