Windshadow, Ranger Trainee

Brinchie Monk


Rank/XP: Seasoned/-20 Race: Brinchie
Agility: D8 Smarts: D6 Spirit: D8 Strength: D6 Vigor: D6
Pace: 8 in. (d10 running die) Parry: 7 (0) Toughness: 6(1) Charisma: -2
Fighting d10; Knowledge (Korindian Lore) d6; Notice d4; Persuasion d6; Stealth d6; Survival d4; Swimming d4

Kalinata; Grizzled; Content; Kor-In (Monkey)

Code of Honor; Vow of service; Obligations (Minor Grey rangers); *Obligations (major Law of Kor) ; *Clueless; Flighty; Hot Blooded; Outsider;

Partial Leather; Belt, 4 belt Pouches; water Skin

Special Abilities:
Agile; Fast; Low Light Vision; Natural Acrobat; Natural Claws (Str + d6); Chosen of The Horn

Defining Interests:
Kor-In; Meditation

Galean; Korindian

Windshadow was raised in a very strict and ascetic lifestyle. Born of a proud Brin Clan who were shipwrecked on the isle of Korindia while seeking to flee the war of Flame. His family embraced the lifestyle of the Korindian people, and though he was Brinche by blood, he was raised as if he were a Korindian child. Windshadow’s grandfather was also a proud master of Kalinata, who insisted that the cub must learn the skills of his own kind, in addition to the lessons taught to the Korindian children. This very strict and structured drive made it so that Windshadow never really had the fun parts of childhood, instead he was always grim and serious, and often seen as very cold and distant by many. This very focused and intense training meant that Windshadow was very well versed in the teachings of the Korindians, and in the ways of his Brin clan, but very naive in the ways of most other facets in life.

Windshadow, Ranger Trainee

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