Lifetouched Eagle


Seasoned/30 [ Extra with 2 wounds]

Languages: Eagle, Fey, Galean, Goblinesh

Agility D12

Smarts D6

Spirit D10,

Strength D8

Vigor D8

Skills: Fighting D12, Survival D8 , Notice D10 , Stealth D8

Pace: 2 ; Parry: 8 ; Toughness: 5

Brawny , Danger Sense

Outsider, Enemy (minor) [ Darkness and Flame ), Cautious

Special Abilities:

– Claws/Beak: Str+d6

Go for the Eyes!: With a raise on its Fighting roll, the hawk has
attached itself to the targets head, and will begin clawing and
pecking at their face. The target is at –4 to all rolls while they’re
being attacked, and must make an opposed Strength roll to get
the hawk off. While attached, the hawk gets a +2 to its Fighting
and damage rolls. If the character suffers an Injury from this
damage, they have lost an eye. Anyone attacking the hawk while
the hawk is attached, in melee or at distance, is subject to Innocent
Bystanders rule (see SW:EX page 69). If he gets a 1 on the
Fighting roll, he hit the hawk’s victim!

– Swoop: If the hawk can fly at least 10” in a straight line before
attacking, it does +2 damage with its claws.

– Slow: On the ground, hawks can only hop for a Pace of 2, and
can’t run.
– Flight: Hawks have a Flying Pace of 20”, with an Acceleration of

– Sharp Eyes: Hawks get a +4 to all Notice rolls.
– Size -1

5 Xp – Brawny
10 Xp – Danger Sense
15 Xp – Agility to D12
20 Xp – Fighting [D10 and Stealth [D6] increase
25 Xp- Fighting [D12 and Stealth [D8 ] increase
30 Xp- Raise Strength to D8


Granted to Murvoth for his courageous charge against the Builder forces in the forest of Laydra’Feya, paying homage to the recently deceased Cheu.


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