Rorauk Fyrforg, Sergeant Major


5 in.
10 (2)
Ranged:15 (9);Melee:13 (7)
Climbing d6 Fighting d12 Healing d6 Knowledge(Battle) d6 Knowledge(History) d4 Knowledge(Politics) d4 Notice d8 Persuasion d8 Riding d8 Shooting d10 Streetwise d4 Survival d8 Throwing d4 Tracking d6

Intestinal Fortitude; Low light vision; Stalwart; Noble; Education; Training; Command; Chosen of the Horn; Natural Leader; Inspire; First Among Equals; Fervor; Trader; Hold The Line!; Tactician; Earth Talker; Leader of Men; Command Presence; Nerves of Steel; Stout; Might Constitution; Sidekick; Followers

Cannot swim; Slow; Stoic; Code of Honor(Major); Loyal(Minor); Obligation(Stahlheim)(Major); Obligation (Greyson’s Grey Rangers)(Minor); Phobia: Howling Winds(Minor); Quirk: Sugar Daddy (Minor)

White Silver Dwarven Axe, Dwarven Axe, Hammerbolt Mod. Dwarven Crossbow, Full Plate and Chain, Large Shield, Grappling hook, Hammer, Torch, Whetstone, Ranger’s Kit, Rope 10"(60’), Warhammer, Minotaur Axe(non-blood steel blades)*2, Warhorse, Caprisan, Fine Riding Saddle, Potion of Armor, Silver Signet Ring with Ranger Seal, Gold Signet Ring with Fyrforg Crest; Silver Greyson’s Grey Rangers Sergeant Signet ring

Special Abilities:
Command Radius: +2 to recover from shaken, +1 to fighting rolls, +1 toughness, and able to share bennies to those under him within 10" or Sight/Hearing for any Wild Cards under his command. At the beginning of a fight and before any Action Cards are dealt, the hero makes a Knowledge (Battle) roll. For each success and raise he receives one Action Card.

Successful Managing in Day of the Life: Resource Die permanently up one, Permanent gain 2 and use one additional Adventure Cards

Military Ranks:
Grayson’s Gray Rangers: Sergeant Major
Stahlheim Army: Captain

Defining Interests:
Battle Command; Builders; Languages; Crag +1

Dwarven, Galean, Goblinesh, Olaran

This character is part of the Justice and Life Campaign.:
Is Grey Lantern?:
5 Fighting d12
10 Training
15 Command and Shooting d10
20 Spirit d6
25 Spirit d8
30 Destiny’s Child
35 Natural Leader and Persuasion d6
40 Inspire and Healing d6
45 First Among Equals and Persuasion d8
50 Fervor and Climbing d6
55 Trader
60 Smarts d8
65 Hold The Line! and Knowledge(Battle) d8
70 Tactician and Riding d8
75 Vigor d10
80 Earth Talker
85 Leader of Men and Notice d8
90 Command Presence and Survival d8
95 Nerves of Steel
100 Vigor d12
110 Stout
120 Spirit d10
130 Mighty Constitution
140 Sidekick

Björn Havenstein


First and only child of Bodyn Fyrforg, born on the twenty third day of Dancing Clouds year 3050, Rorauk was born on the sixteenth day of Harvest Moons in the year 3103 and is now eighteen years old. Being the son of a noble he was trained to be a noble and he was educated in a variety of things, as well as being taught to fluently speak Goblinesh, the language of an ancient Dwarven enemy. In his studies he did much to learn about the battle even to go so far as the history of war itself in the dwarven way. His father also thought it wise of him to learn a little about politics, just in case he every decided to go the route of a politician though it had always been Rorauk’s interest to be a warrior, so he had a tendancy to wander into the sparring ring often, training hard in as many forms of combat as he could find, be it using an axe, a Crossbow, or even to go so far as throwing axes.

Rorauk is married to Gritta Fyrforg who lives in their home down in Stahlheim proper seven days down inside the Stoneheart Mountains.

Rorauk Fyrforg, Sergeant Major

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