Korog the Redeemer, Ranger


7 in.
11 (2)
14 (5)

d6 Notice (+2 smell)
d12 Fighting
d8 Stealth
d4 Throwing
d4 Tracking
d4 Knowledge (Cosmology)
d4 Knowledge (History)
d4 Intimidation

Mighty and Resilient
Great Strides
Keen Sense of Smell
Large: Add 1 to opponents’ attack rolls; Reach = 1
Size: +2
More than Muscle
Quick: Redraw initiative card on 5 or lower
Chosen of the Horn: Bennies: +1
Powerful (Novice)
Robust (Novice)
First Strike: One free attack against one foe who moves adjacent
Sweep: Attack all adjacent targets with a single Fighting roll at -2.
Frenzy: Make 2 attacks, each with a -2 to each
Counterattack: Once per round, when an opponent misses in battle, you can free attack at -2. Cannot include wild attack, sweep or frenzy.
Soul-Bonded Item – Kayakor – gain 2 minor qualities (2x +1 Fighting)

Slow and Pliable
Monstrous Size and Appearance
Outsider: Charisma: -2 among all but own people
Delusional (m): Convinced Ogres invented many things
Big Mouth: Can’t keep secrets

Standard Adventure Gear, Partial Plate, Chuktar (White Silver), Kayakor (+2 to Fighting and White Silver), Throwing Axes (x3)


Defining Interests:
Legends Lore, Goblinesh Lore
+1 Crag

Goblinesh, Galean, Fae

Powerful (5)
Robust (10)
First Strike (15)
Sweep (20)
Frenzy (25)
Counterattack (30)
Spirit to d6 (35)
Soul-Bonded Item (40) (Kayakor)

Harod, Murvoth, Shayline, Rorauk Fyrforg, Jarvis Riley, Grimjack, Geppert Bronzeheart


Korog knew he was different. Surprised at how slow witted most of his fellows were and the low esteem others held Ogres, he convinced himself that Ogres were once much smarter and well respected. Ogres invented sea travel and many other things people have forgotten were invented by Ogres. A heroic figure, he is proud to be an Ogre and loves to tell people about it. Sometimes he talks too much though.

He has a Kayakor. When very young, he and a friend were playing in a nearby cemetery. While playing, he fell into an old tomb. It was the tomb of a very old Dregordian chieftain. The boys took the pole arm they found (his Kayakor) and continued to play. Toward evening, Korog was carrying the Kayakor home and stopped by the hut of Clajkuk, an elderly Ogre who often shared stories and history with the local children. Sadly, he was also pretty delusional. Clajkuk told Korog that Ogres had invented the Kayakor and ogre craftsmen became famous making Kayakors and selling them. Dregordian assistants helped them and learned the techniques. When “the tragedy” happened and Ogres were enslaved, the Dregordians hid. Over the years, as the slavers bred the Ogres for less intelligence, the scholars, craftsmen and such disappeared from Ogre society. Today, only a few Dregordians know the technic for creating Kayakor. As Clajkuk continued with his stories for the next few years, Korog took them to heart and slowly forgot the real version of the Kayakor and became convinced that Clajkuk’s ramblings were true. The identity of the slavers changed a lot in the stories but it was a long time ago and in all the stories the slavers were all wiped out.

Now Korog tells various versions of the Kayakor’s origin. Someone has to educate the world that ogres are much more than muscle and allow ogres to reclaim their rightful place in Shaintar’s history.

After being incapacitated in a battle in the temple of the Silver Unicorn, his Kayakor changed. In his words from Chronicles of Korog "While I was incapacitated, I had a vision. Before me was a glowing light, a figure I could not make out as it kept shifting in and out. I could not be sure of the race or size even. Between me and the figure was the Kayakor. The figure spoke, in mighty but musical tones, and said that I had wielded the Kayakor honorably and brought glory to it. It asked me if I would protect it and see that it was always used with honor. I felt a sense of peace and happiness. When I awoke, as I lifted the Kayakor, it felt different somehow, as if it were a part of me now. I notice that I am able to wield it in my practice maneuvers smoother than ever before. What is more, the blades now appear to be composed of white silver and looking very closely, I can sometimes make an image of the Silver Unicorn. Maybe being a Chosen of the Horn influenced it or perhaps it was because I was defending a temple to the Silver Unicorn. I do not think I have ever felt better or more honored to be wielding my Kayakor. And it truly is MY Kayakor now. I just know it. I am so excited and pumped up now, we WILL rescue Murvoth! "

Korog the Redeemer, Ranger

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