Jav-rasn, Ranger First Class

Deranged Healer


77 Heroic
6 in.
5 (2)
7 (2) (+1 from Rorauk)
Resource Die: D10, D6 for one month, then D8 for a month.
Flying Pace 15”, rolls a d12 instead of a d10 for his “Run” die, Climb is 2.

Fighting: d4
Notice d6 +2 sight
The Way d10 (Adept power)
Knowledge (Magic) d10
Channeling d10 (Druid power)
Faith d10 (Priest of Light power)
Knowledge (Cosmology) d10
Knowledge Builder d4

Heroic (Major), Obligations (Minor) – Grayson’s Grey Rangers, Obligations (Minor) – The Black Lanterns, Obligations (Major) – Four Paths, Obligations (Major) – Church of Light

Weapons: Ironwood Staff
Armor: Shay’Von Leather Armor: This armor is designed,
crafted, and mystically enhanced by the famed Shay’Von
clan of the fae. Due to its highly magical properties, the
wearer gains 2 on all Soak rolls. +2
Bracers Parry
1; Two must be worn, does not stack with Shield
Crysarium Focus Crystal; Bottle of Shadows; Healing Salve, Three Little Bottles of Explosive Consequences
Missing: 2 X White Silver spear with Everwood shaft Str+d6 Parry+1, Reach 1, 2 hands

Essence: 35
10 – The Way: Bolt, Analyze Foe, Phantasm
20 -Faith: Entangle, Healing, Greater Healing, Succor
10 – Channeling: Blind, Jet

Defining Interests:
Heraldry +2
Aradish Language
Dwarvish Language
Builder Language(2)

Galean, Fae, Goblinesh, Shayae, Dwarvish, Aradish, Builder

0 Adept
0 Priest
5 raise smarts to D10
10 Druid
15 Destiny’s Child
20 2 skill raises The way to d10, Faith to D10
25 raise str to d6
30 2 skill raises knowledge Cosmology to d8, channeling to d10
35 2 skill raises knowledge magic to d10, knowledge Cosmology to d10
40 Knowledge Builder d4
45 Fast Flier
50 Vigor D6
55 Greater Healing
60 Succor
65 Power Points – Faith
70 Expanded Understanding – Applications – Healing + Area + Selective for 6 Essence (or just 4 for area) – Small, Medium, Large, or Cone shaped.
75 Power Points – Faith

To Take:
75 Power Points – Faith
80 Expanded Understanding – Applications – Healing + Ranged + Triggered
85 Vigor D8
90 Fighting: D6


Jav-rasn was born with Adept powers, but he became a Priest of Light who considers himself defined by his Heroic nature and Obligations to Grayson’s Grey Rangers. His one track mind and noble soul never says no to the Church of Light, the Grey Rangers, or any other person in need. He always comes to the rescue of those he feels can’t help themselves, and he sees these organizations as ends to those means.

He started practicing as an Adept at a young age and learned many answers, but as he trained he found more questions than answers. Torn with himself, he branched out to find more answers and joined the Church of Light.

While fighting the Avatar of a Goddess of Flame in a tunnel, 2 Chosen of the Horn santified the place in the name of the Silver Unicorn. Jav then spent 9 essence to summon a Phantasm of the Silver Unicorn. Murvoth then screams out “In the name of the Silver Unicorn” and puches the Evil Avatar for 74 damage. At that point we realized that the Silver Unicorn was standing where my Phantasm was. Did the Silver Unicorn choose to show it’s self for our actions, or was there never a phantasm to begin with? Either way Jav-rasn is now Choosen of the Horn. Thanks to Renown I have a 50% chace of having 2 Charisma instead of 1.

This again raised many questions within himself, and a Druid helped him find the answers through Channeling.

Jav-rasn, Ranger First Class

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