Grimjack, Ranger Corporal

Huge Ogre Anvil


Rank/XP: Legendary/114 Race: Ogre
Agility: D8 Smarts: D4 Spirit: D8 Strength: D12 Vigor: D12+1
Pace: 7 in. Parry: 7 (1) Toughness: 13 Charisma: -4 Resource: d8
Climbing d4; Fighting d10; Intimidation d6; Knowledge (The Empire) d4; Notice d6; Survival d4; Swimming d6; Throwing d6

Martial Artist[; Behemoth; Powerful; Brawny;Robust(N);Nerves of Steel;Brawler;Sunder;Battle Hardened;* Elan*; Siege Strength; Robust(V); Combat Reflexes; Porter; Unarmored Warrior; Mixed Bloodline (Defender of the Gather); Common Bond; Hard to k ill; Enduring, Two Fisted

Big Target; Monstrous Size and Appearance; Slow and Pliable; Bad Eyes; Outsider; Illiterate; Heroic; Clueless; Hard of Hearing; Obligations Grey rangers; Obligations Stalheim;*Loyal * No points, but character flavor

Heavy Belt; Large Belt Pouches; Bedroll; Travel Clothing; Flint & Steel; Waterskin; Ranger Gear; Whitesilver Bracers; Whitesilver Brass Knuckles(+1 Damage); Pavillion Tent

Special Abilities:
Reach 1; Thermal Vision; Chosen of the Horn; Chosen of the Feather; Storm-Touched; 2 Notice (Scent); Size +4; *2 Grapple*; *Hardy**;Size Large(16’)* *granted in lieu of an artifact in a convention game (per SKR); (Net +1 CHA with Eldakar)

Defining Interests:
Animal Lore; Childer Lore

Kalinesh; Galean; (Bad Dwarven); (Crude Goblinesh)

+1 Toughness vs Tempest Creatures/Damage; +1 Damage to Tempest Creatures;
+2 to Resist Storm Effects / +2 to offset Storm penalties

Chosen of the Feather:
N +1 to Spirit rolls; S +1 to any roll (Trait or Damage) when spending a benny; V +1 Initiative card (Stacks with Level Headed/Improved Level Headed); H Draw & Play an additional Adventure card (if adventure cards are not used you may declare a single Trait roll per session as an auto ace); L Spend a benny to invoke the effect of ‘The Interloper’ adventure card (Allies get +1 to all rolls for the rest of the scene or combat) this stacks w/ that card if it is also played. As well, when spending the benny, all Shaken Allies become Unshaken, this can be used multiple times per session, but only once per scene.

Chosen of the Horn;
N 1 Benny per session; S +2 on any Opposed Trait rolls to resist Flame or Darkness effects; V The Champion Edge (2 Damage & +2 Toughness vs. Flame or Darkness enemies); H +2 on all Spirit and Vigor checks to recovery from being Shaken, soak wounds, resist poisons, diseases, and Fatigue; L Call the Unicorn’s Power – The Hero can spend a Benny to activate this ability. Doing so allows the Hero to ask for any Power; non-spellcasters use their Spirit, while spellcasters use their arcane skill. In either case, there is no expenditure of Essence. If the power is granted (at the GM’s discretion), it is cast and used as normal. Any power with a duration lasts only its base duration and cannot be maintained.

Unarmored Warrior;
A hero or heroine with this Edge can make a free soak roll for each wounding attack as long as they are unarmored. To get the bonus, a character must have no torso armor on
(shields are allowed). If he wants, he can wear bracers, greaves or a helm, but these
are only cosmetic, granting no armor bonus. A hero can not have this Edge and
the Iron Jaw Edge.


Grimjack was literally bred for the blood pits in the Kal-a-Nar Empire. His owners kept him in the kennels with some fighting dogs, and he would have to fight for his meals among them. Grimjack learned to be brutal and direct, if not very cunning. By the time Grimjack was three, he was already too big and strong for even the fighting dog pack to keep him in line, so his owners moved him out to the barn. From being treated like one of the fighting dogs, to being treated like one of the draft horses or oxen, Grimjack’s life was showing little to take solace in. The one thing he really had to look forward to was the time in the blood pits. Grimjack was usually slated to battle beasts, for entertainment of the masses, as he wasn’t considered cunning enough to merit bouts with other gladiators. Grimjack was forced to turn the mill wheel to earn any of his meals, and often was given menial feats of strength to impress the visitor of his owner’s home. At the age of five, an oxen calf was moved into Grimjack’s stall in the barn, and he was told that he had to lift the calf three times a day of he wanted more than grains for his meals. By the time he was ten, Grimjack could lift any of the oxen in the barn, and could hold up draft horses for shoeing. Grimjack’s size and strength started getting him more dangerous bouts in the pits, and one day he had to fight three bears while chained by the ankle to a post stuck into the ground. He uprooted the post, and swung the post on the chain to take down the three bears. After that bout, the owner of the pits bought Grimjack from his owners, and started teaching him wrestling. Grimjack started being used to train other gladiators and test them for aptitude for the shows, and in the process Grimjack picked up some basic hand to hand fighting skills.At the age of twelve, the Grey Rangers came and broke up the fighting pits in that border town, freeing the slaves from Kalinesh captivity. The ranger captain didn’t know that Grimjack was only twelve at the time, and took him into ranger training. Being treated kindly and not like a farm animal made a big impression on Grimjack, and sparked a loyalty to the Rangers. Now when Grimjack goes on missions with the Rangers, he tends to take on the biggest and strongest opponents, to keep his Ranger friends from danger. He especially goes out of his way to try and free slaves, especially the young, small and weak.

Grimjack, Ranger Corporal

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