Ghost, Shayline's familiar

Shayline's Familiar


Rank Heroic/75
Str D10
Ag D10
Sm D8
Sp D8
Vig D12

Parry: 8
Toughness 10
Pace: 8 d10 Run
Bite: d6+Str
Hinderances: Loyal, Obligation to Shayline, Curious, +4 damage from Black iron and blood Steel

Edges: Fleetfooted, Go for the Throat, Low light vision, Brave, Woodsman, Alertness, Brawny, Dodge, Frenzy, First strike, One against many, Hard to kill, Improved Frenzy, Improved First strike

Fighting d12, Notice d10+2, Survival d8+2, Tracking d8+2, Stealth d8+2, Knowledge Nature d6, Swimming d6

Fae, dwarven, wolf

Defining interests: Hunting, Navigation, Area knowledge Stoneheart Mountains

5-Woodsman, 10-Raise Strength, 15-Alertness, 20-Brawny, 25-Vigor, 30-Fighting, 35-Dodge, 40-Frenzy, 45-First Strike, 50-One against many, 55-Hard to Kill, 60- Vigor raise, 65-Extraction, 70-Improved Frenzy, 75-Improved First Strike


Ghost, Shayline's familiar

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