Geppert Bronzeheart, Ranger First Class

Dwarf Tinker


Rank/XP: Heroic/87xp
Race: Dwarf
Grayson’s Grey Rangers: Ranger First-Class
The Stahlheim Army: Sergeant

Resource: d10

• Agility: d10
• Smarts: d12
• Spirit: d4
• Strength: d10
• Vigor: d8
• Pace: 5 in.
• Parry: 8 (2)
• Toughness: 10 (4)
• Charisma: 0

• Fighting (d10)
• Shooting (d10)
• Arcmancy (d6)
• Investigation (d6)
• Knowledge: Arcfire (d4)
• Knowledge: Craft – Weapon (Steel) (d6+2)
• Knowledge: Engineering (d6+2)
• Knowledge: History (d4)
• Knowledge: Magic (d6)
• Knowledge: Metallurgy (d4+2)
• Lockpicking (d6+2)
• Notice (d10) (+2 w/Mechanics/Metallurgy)
• Repair (d12) (+2 w/Mechanics/Metallurgy) (+2 with Wright’s Pack)
• Streetwise (d4)
• Survival (d4)

Intestinal Fortitude: Though not particularly spiritual, dwarves are nonetheless very courageous. They draw strength from their connection with the mountains and stone. As such, in any situation calling for a Spirit roll where Fear is concerned, or in the case of Intimidation, a dwarf can roll his Vigor in place of Spirit. Note that other Spirit-based circumstances are not affected.
Low Light Vision: The darkness of the caves requires keen eyes. Ignore attack penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.
Stalwart: Powerful and tough, dwarves begin with a d6 starting Strength and a d8 Vigor. Furthermore, their natural maximum Vigor is d12+3, and they can reach this with normal Advances without applying the Professional or Legendary Edges (which can bump their Vigor to d12+4 and +5, respectively).
Education: 5 additional Skill Points (spent towards Investigation and Knowledge), one additional Language.
Keeper of the Old Ways: Gains +2 to Repair, Notice, and any Knowledge regarding metallurgy and mechanics.
Apprentice Wright: Gain the benefits of McGyver_. Also, with a raise, can halve repair time.
: Can improvise something when the need for a tool arises. Suffers no penalties on Trait rolls for lack of equipment in most situations. Also, with a few simple tools, props, or devices, can create something that’s needed when such a thing isn’t actually present.)
Journeyman Wright: Can build one device as per Gadgeteer once a session with an Essence equal to Repair die. Takes d20 minutes and access to parts to build the device.
Master Wright
Arcfire Trained

Rodebrecht Valrur (Expat Builder, Arcmancy Mentor)
Bicks Braunbolt (Bolt Fletcher, Linebolt Mentor)
– ??? (Smith Supplier)

Cannot Swim: A dwarf sinks like a stone in any body of water.
Slow: Short and stocky, their Pace is 5”.
Stoic: Dwarves must spend double points to raise Spirit during character creation, but may advance it normally after that.
Curious (Major)
Loyal (Minor)
Phobia (Minor): Fish
Obligation (Major) : Grayson’s Grey Rangers
Obligation (Major) : Stahlheim
Obligation (Minor) : Bicks Braunbolt – If Geppert creates any variations/improvements on the Linebolt, share them with Bicks.
Obligation (Minor) : Rodebrecht Valrur – Arcfire training must not be passed on and must be used for defensive reasons only.
Enemy (Major): The Accardio Family (Killed Second-In-Command Mario, helped jail Don Accardio)

Gear and Misc.:
Equipment -
– Dwarven Axe (Str&d8, AP1)
– Warhammer (Str&d6, AP1 vs Plate or Rigid Armor)
– Hammerbolt Crossbow (225/50/100, 2d6+2, AP 2, 8 shots before reload)
– Full Plate and Chain (4 to Armor, -4 to Coverage)
– Kite Shield (2 to Parry, 2 to Armor versus ranged)
– Arcfire Bracers (2 to Parry, does not stack with Shield)
– Wright’s Pack (2 to Repair)
– Arcfire Handcaster (12/24/48, 2d8, AP 2, 4 shots before reload) (5 reloads)
– Six-Shot SALVO (12/24/48, 6 shot, switch mags: 1act, reload mag: 1trn)(Note: potions do 2d4 bottle dmg and effect, explosives just do explosion dmg)
– 5/6 Clockwork Grenade (Blast, 2d6 med. burst )
– 5/6 Flash Popper (Blind, 1 target)
– 6/6 Metal Chunk (Bolt, 3d6)
– 6/6 Pneumatic Pressure Bomb (Havoc, med. burst)
– 6/6 Smoke Canister (Obscure, 1 target)
Backpack, Bedroll, Flint & Steel, Travel Rations , Case of Bolts, Tool Kit, Water Skin, Clothing (Travel, Ranger Cloak), 2x Torches, Whetstone, 2wks Travel Rations
•_Pack Horse_ -
– Medium Shield (Parry: 1, Armor: 2 vs Ranged Hits)
– Partial Chain (Armor: 3, Coverage: -2)
– Bracers (1 to Parry, does not stack with Shield)
– Crossbow (15/30/60, 2d6, AP 2, 1 action to reload)
– Twinbolt Crossbow (15/30/60, 2 2d6 rolls, 1 Shooting roll, AP2, normal reload)
– Dwarven Crossbow (20/40/80, 2d6, AP 2, 3 shots before reload)

Designs -
Chain-Knife Launcher, Twinbolt Crossbow, Reinforced Elevator, Converting Sledge, Six-Shot SALVO

– Riding Horse (Warhorse)
– Pack Horse (Warhorse)

Defining Interests:
• Arcmancy
• Builders
• Engineering
• Inventing
• Weaponsmithing


• Chosen of the Horn
Novice: +1 Benny
Seasoned_: +2 on any opposed Trait rolls to resist Flame or Darkness effects.
Veteran_: The Champion Edge. (They add +2 damage when attacking supernaturally evil and +2 toughness from supernaturally evil.)
Heroic: +2 on all Spirit and Vigor checks to recover from being Shaken, Soak wounds, resist poisons, disease, and Fatigue.
Legendary: “Call the Unicorn’s Power” – The Hero can spend a benny to activate this ability. Doing so allows the Hero to ask for any power; non-arcane casters use their Spirit, while arcane casters use their Arcane Skill. In either case, there is no expenditure of Essence. If the power is granted (at the GM’s discretion), it is cast and used as normal. Any power with a Duration lasts only its base Duration and cannot be maintained.

5: Notice/Repair d8d10
10: Apprentice Wright
15: Agility d6d8
20: Shooting/Fighting d6d8
25: Journeyman Wright
30: Knowledge: Craft – Weapon (Steel) d4
35: Arcmancy d4
40: Knowledge: Arcfire d4
45: Smarts d10 → d12
50: Master Wright
55: Arcmancy and Repair – d4d6 and d10d12
60: Knowledge: Magic d4
65: Knowledge: Magic & Weaponcraft: Steel – d4d6
70: Agility – d8 → d10
75: Arcmancer
80: Fighting & Shooting – d8 → d10
85: Strength d8→d10
90: Knowledge: Magic d6d8 &
95: Knowledge: Magic d8d10 &
100: Legendary Wright


Geppert Bronzeheart, Ranger First Class

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