Shaintar_J&L_Defenders of Stahlheim

Traveling far away from comfort. Looks like a long trek ahead also.

Zathras lets my charges go hungry :(

I was summoned to go in charge of an escort for a Fae emissary, I was tasked with trying to find a number of Rangers and allies that would work well together and protect this emissary and gather intel on the travels.
So first I decided that Zathras should go as I know he has an vast understanding of languages which would likely come in handy.
After we got to the briefing area I was pleasantly surprised that the higher ups had sent Drew a fascinating Goblin, Jarvis a fellow dwarf, Ssslick a large Dregordian, Thrunk & Wonderkill a pair of Brinchie.
So all in all a diverse array was assembled.



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