Shaintar_J&L_Defenders of Stahlheim

Shayline’s personal log

After chasing the Malakaran agents that had been spreading the rumor that the elves had been the cause of the storm I was summoned to the Captain’s office. I was informed that there had been disappearances of farmers northeast of Stone. I was ordered to gather the other rangers and find what was happening and stop it. I headed to Slatespirit and informed the others to prepare to head out. I was told it would take almost a day for Grimjack to get out of the tunnels. We are going to have to have the dwarves look into expanding the tunnels if Grimjack and the other ogres wish to spend time in their gather. I decided to head North and start investigating the disappearances. I made it to Stone and was informed of the location of the farmers that had gone missing. I headed to that area and spent the night at a farm house. After calling on a air spirit to keep watch I went to sleep. During the night I woke to strange sounds. Investigating I found 2 vampires feeding on the farmer and his wife. I wasn’t strong enough to fight them and had to Stonewalk away. I was fortunately able to chase off the ones feeding on the children. Not wanting a repeat I sanctified the farm. The next day I began gathering the remaining farmers and sanctified two more farms. Near the end of the day a weary Murvoth and his companion animals arrived along with Ghost. I ordered him to rest. I knew he would insist on attacking the vampires but I don’t believe even together we are strong enough to fight the Vampires.
I sanctified 3 more farms the next day before resting and on the third day the rest of the Rangers arrived. Mozog informed us that the vampires are immune to all damage not of everwood or white silver and they take damage if exposed to direct sunlight. May the ascended aid us for I believe we are in for a challenge that may test our strength.



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