Shaintar_J&L_Defenders of Stahlheim

Game 67 Going Underground


Rorauk Fyrforg, Sergeant
Flint Ironfinder, Corporal
Brogan Ironreich, Ranger 1st Class
Geppert Bronzeheart, Ranger 1st Class
Gerhart Hildebrand, Ranger 1st Class
Caden Stonecutter, Ranger
Zathras, Ranger

Beginning of Dark Moons

Finally we are back from our travels, though immediately we were sent to the headquarters. Another new recruit and he is an Olaran. Why can’t we get any sodding dwarves? At least its an Olaran which beats dealing with say the Fae. Reports came about on the Crysarium shortages which based on reports what use to occupy the area brings worry. I have some level of respect towards these Builders, that admiration leaves the moment denizens of my home country are harmed.

We made it to the destination, miners frantic as no one has returned once they plunge on downward. The Sergeant during this time gave out promotions, for some it was long overdue in my opinion Next was a tiring project of securing the area, sealing up most of the pathways to lower the chance of getting surrounded. Hammering left me with a headache, though all work went to shit during one of our days. Beams came crashing, people were pinned, and whatever stealth we had was sundered. One hilarious thing was watching the Goblin spew his guts out, ballsy to chug Stonesweat and get poisoned by the results. That place would take a week to make proper again. Nonetheless things were complete and we were ready to go… where is that small goblin though?

With Honors,

Brogan Ironreich



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