Shaintar_J&L_Defenders of Stahlheim

Game 65 More Caravan Adventures

Report from Corporal Murvoth

Rorauk Fyrforg, Sergeant
Shayline Eridor, Sergeant with Ghost
Murvoth, Corporal with Kujo and Talon
Geppert Bronzeheart, Ranger First Class
Flint Ironfinder, Ranger
Mozog, Ranger
Caden Stonecutter, Ranger Recruit

Month of White River

Why can I never find a way to keep things simple during these long trips, maybe it needed some fun in beating a Brinchie in Dwarvish plate to rise my spirit. Early onduring our travel out of Echer ’naught some drama emerged like I can stress about enough. The Wyvern I rescued and nursed to health was too driven towards eating one of the horses, pushing for a confrontation after convincing him to stay. Chue was so intent on eating Kujo at first, hopefully this was only a phase. He lunged for the horse, I had to pin him down with my muscular arms. Ranger 1st Class Geppert Bronzeheart and Ranger Mozog will be punished for making a scene in front of the clanchief and making this situation rougher. Blinding it with those weird poppers made him furious, almost getting poisoned and twice the goblin hit me with potatoes. Worse was during his weird attempt to help, Geppert had his ammo explode and spook the horses to move off with Caden and Mozog on the wagon . Things were settled quickly and I punched the wyvern as punishment into unconsciousness. It was very tempting to do it to the others, but I opted to force them to march until a better punishment could be done as walking naked in the cold was too severe.

No one wished for the wright to test his weapon he fixed near the horses, Shayline directing him off far enough to not scare the animals or worse cause more trouble. Maybe all the arcmancy has gotten me tense, but with how similar it was to that awful magic I found himself disliking it further. Go figure when alone he got captured, resulting in all of us trailing for his location. A fight commenced, immediately they were so obsessed in shooting my eye out. More than once. I know this is how warfare works, but it annoyed me plenty.

These were Malakarians collecting a bounty on Geppert, think it relates to that one group where he killed their brother and we put the other to a prison cell. Just me, Shayline and Rorauk; the rest were tagging with the caravan in the morning to protect him. We on the otherhand were dealing with these Malakarians on horses with….. I fear were Dwarvish Crossbows. Most disturbing from a comment on their range was these were those elite ones Rorauk got crafted for a present. Have I mention there is fun in killing. Maybe not often but they deserved it, disemboweling them with my white-silver gauntlets. It left terror in the eyes of those further from me, chasing after them. In hindsight hurting the animals was wrong, yet pain and emotion ruled me. Shayline blew a few away from escaping, Rorauk piercing his bolts through a few and maybe in dark humor myself crushing its leader hiding under his dead horse. Saving Geppert we rushed to catch up. The dwarves combined their lore on weaponry, addressing the fact they were made by the Highwalls whom Rorauk has married into. Great less fighting and more inves.. searching. Still pondering on the troubles Wolfhaven mentioned back in Olara. Already I feel compelled to return for more than one reason. Someone needs to show me more on this weird magic force stuff I am doing.


Corporal of Graysons Grey Rangers
Captain in Stahlheim Military
Beastmaster of the Gathers
Paladin of the Silver Unicorn



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