Shaintar_J&L_Defenders of Stahlheim

Game 64 Caravan Adventures

Report from Corporal Murvoth

Rorauk Fyrforg, Sergeant
Murvoth, Corporal with Kujo and Talon
Geppert Bronzeheart, Ranger First Class
Flint Ironfinder, Ranger
Mozog, Ranger
Caden Stonecutter, Ranger Recruit

Beginning of Gray Winds
I have had enough battles to haunt me recently, dealing with the builders leaving scars that cannot be mended so fast. The tempest lurking back in some form by some magi, glad they were destroyed before anymore hardships festered my conscious. Within Crag finally, it was too easy to hope some rest could be granted. A caravan heavily carriage guarded appeared with those Ironreich guards lifting those weapon like tower shield must mean the person they were protecting was the Clan Chief of Stahlheim. This recruit should not brandish a fae sword in seeing distance to the dwarves, feeling hostilities increase from what seem a big insult. Part of the caravan needed us rangers to brave the terrain to Echer’ Naught. If only the bridge was finished, I dread the idea of what has been noted to be a month walk. Can’t these wrights build some equipment to quicken our adventure to this destination? I would if I could comprehend it.

7 days into Gray Winds getting to Stone

Boredom sunk into my mind, only afforded some breaks to indulge in some training and feeding my companions. Shame the tempest kept supplies thin, imagine it will be a most horrendous winter for the wildlife. Maybe Shayline little haven for the animals has bare fruit or vegatables I guess. Whichever controls hunger. We were the security for the dwarves, but after everything I’ve dealt with lately this was soothing I suppose. Regardless the cold air kept everyone alert for the meanwhile.

A few days out of Stone

Stricken with negative thoughts in the long trek, senses focused with a loud scout of INCOMING from Flint as his crossbolt burrowed into the body of the flesh of these aerial creatures. Dwarves kept peppering these large wyverns with crossbolts, difficult to think about attacking them for the affliction of the recent battles down south. Very jarring to witness my comrades attacking these creatures, pondering if I only care. Probably not a stretch for their indifference for they were quick to kill them before. My pacifistic ways caused a painful surge of essence to pause my attempt to stop one, blood dripping from my nose as a rumbling screech burst from my mouth to startle Kujo while one tried to eat Talon.

Flint went the non violent route of encasing himself and them in glue, Geppert acting barbaric with those devices that blew things up. He narrowly missed his intended target, I was thankful as all the ranged shots thus far failed to wound them. Twisting with the rotation of my hips with energy transferred from my arms, a telekinetic strike knocked the Wyvern unconscious. Before I could either have them flee or asleep, I witnessed a moment reminiscent of what Cheu suffered as the shrapnel ripped them into pieces. Frozen in horror, fighting back the urge to break the dwarf’s jaw I motioned towards the wyvern as the remaining one ran off. They were starving, desperate and instead most opt to kill them senselessly. In my own suffrage, others saw my concern by assisting in a way to help design a means to bring it with us. Celesia hopefully knows their ignorance was to protect those we were sworn to watch over because I feel certain rangers would agree with my ideals.


Corporal of Graysons Grey Rangers
Captain in Stahlheim Military
Beastmaster of the Gathers
Paladin of the Silver Unicorn



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