Shaintar_J&L_Defenders of Stahlheim

Chumley's log: 11/15/14 equivalent

How I got a pretty mirror sword

So, we follow white dog to rescue pointy eared sleepy lady kid.. kidna… taken by pointy mouth freak. Pointy mouth freak and his loud mouth plus some other pointy mouth freaks, trolls and some smaller things tried to stop us from taking sleepy lady back. Trolls and their tree trunks hit Chumley. It stung a bit. Then Pretty pointy head horsey come again!! Chumley VERY lucky!! Pointy head horsey plant silver tree that turn trolls and other thingies back into proper Ogres and Orcs. Chumley is very happy! Oh, there was some human type deathy guy who seemed to not like Murvoth very much. Murvoth kept getting covered in black stuff. I hope he bathes…… Anyways… after silver tree makes Ogres and Trolls, death mouth guys blow up, main pointy mouth freak ran away (as usual, that guys a real wussy!) We take sleepy pointy lady to a gather. Some Ogre Chumley does not know gives Chumley a very light mirror sword. Chumley is happy, but isn’t quite sure what it does. Others say it hurts evil. Chumley pricks his finger and is slightly hurt, which makes sense as Chumley isn’t the most virtu… virtuo.. nice person on the planet!! Chumley is then told it doesn’t have to cut to hurt evil. I touch myself with flat of blade and it doesn’t hurt!! Chumley is happy! Then Chumley touches Murvoth with flat of blade. Murvoth doesn’t scream…. sword must be broken……



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